Remember that time of childhood when your granny used to tell fairy tales, your mom used to read out bed-time stories. While you went on a walk or a family picnic in town you couldn’t hold yourself from running towards the book store sticking your nose to the glass window to stare at bright and colorful picture books displayed on shelves. And your parents had to buy at least one book to get you to return home with them.

Remember those childhood days when your head was filled with wild imagination instead of all the worries in the world. Your adult self might find this cliché but we heard your inner child say, ‘Those were the days!’

However, as today’s younger generation is more attracted to electronic devices and virtual experiences World Book Day holds utmost importance. World Book Day is an annual event led by UNESCO to encourage a love of reading in children.

Here is a list of 10 books for children worth start reading this World Book Day 2021.

1.A Month of Bedtime Stories by Neil Roy McFarlane

Children will love being the main character in the adventurous day they had earlier. And parents will also enjoy the humor and imagination of this collection of 31 immersive, read-aloud bedtime stories.

2.The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

The four Pevensie children come to live in the country in a house with many rooms filled with many things. But one of the rooms is empty, except for a large wardrobe. Later the children discover the wardrobe has magical properties and opens to the different world of Narnia.

3.Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball by Jeff Kinney

Have a laugh-out-loud time with this fourteenth fully-illustrated Diary of a Wimpy Kid, another addition from the bestselling author Jeff Kinney whose books have crossed 250 million sold copies worldwide.

4.Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Commonly known as Alice in Wonderland, is an 1865 classic children’s book written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. The novel takes the readers into the fantasy world of peculiar anthropomorphic creatures when a girl named Alice encounters when she falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world.

5.The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

When spoiled child Mary Lennox moves to her uncle’s manor after losing her family to a cholera outbreak, she discovers a new outlook on life thanks to a caring household and the garden’s power of healing.

6.What it Means to be a Big Brother by Lindsey Coker Luckey

Big brother plays a lot of roles for his younger siblings. He teaches, plays games, enjoys spending time with his siblings and still is not enough. This book full of heart-warming watercolor illustrations and delightful rhymes depicts readers the strong motivation behind everything a big brother does – love.

7.Monster Babies Daycare by John E Dorey

Not all monsters are scary. But will Lowell understand this? What happens when regular kid Lowell ends up in daycare with a zombie, a reaper, a witch, a vampire, a devil, baby Franky, and the invisible baby? Can Lowell survive in daycare? Are monsters always bad, even when they are babies? Find out by joining Lowell in his experience in Monster Babies Daycare.

8.The Gnomes in the Trees by C.L. Collyer

Jacky Foster is surprised when he sees a statue of a gnome suddenly comes alive at his eighth birthday party. The gnome asks Jacky to help his family living far away in a place called Gnomia. Jacky with his dog Sparky goes off to help. After returning home he discovers the gnome statue running off into the woods. But is it all just Jacky’s fantasy or did all those adventures really happen? Only Jacky Foster can tell for certain.

10.Do Monsters Have Birthdays? By Jasmine Williams

We all have had our share of ‘curious’ questions that elders couldn’t answer. This is a story of a little girl when she asks her mother ‘do monsters have birthdays?’ But too tired to answer, her mother put the little girl in bed and goes to sleep. While the little girl is trying to fall asleep a silly monster comes from under her bed and takes her on a memorable journey answering all of her questions in a way she had never imagined.

11.Kevin and the Seven Lions by Martin Tiller

Shot by aliens, almost drowned by a giant squid, and nearly eaten by dinosaurs all the while trying to pay attention in school is normal for Kevin. How does his teacher, Mrs. Calvin, stop herself from going crazy? A picture book for second and third-grade readers will take them on a joyous adventure benefiting them with an active imagination and creative writing.

For avid book lovers, World Book Day is no less than a celebration. And no celebration can be complete without happening evenings, and fun and adventurous nights. So, this World Book Day 2021, reminisce your childhood with your children and give them a gift of quality time and wild imagination with these immersive children’s books.