Fire and Blood – by George R. R. Martin

The book is a prequel of Game of Thrones based on the history of the Targaryen kings and Aegon who ruled the seven kingdoms, 300 years before the event of “winter is coming” and before tearing down their dynasty forever.

Fire and Blood is the first volume written by the bestselling author George R.R. Martin on the Targaryen’s history in Westeros. The only family of dragons – House Targaryen – the Doom of Valyria, were the habitants of Dragonstone and ruled by the legendary conqueror Aegon, who was also the one to create the Iron Throne.

Get the answers to your questions about the origin of Daenerys’s dragons, what exactly happened at the Dance of the Dragons? And why visiting Valyria after the doom became so ghastly?  

The Magicians – by Lev Grossman

If you are ready to experience a rip-roaring and unique fiction, then tighten your belt to experience magic in real life – “The Magicians” written by Lev Grossman, where a young boy steps into the world of enchantment.

Intelligent yet miserable, who secretly spent most of his childhood reading thrillers and fantasy novel, Quentin Coldwater was a senior in high school, who set his foot in the magical world of Fillory, a secret and cliquish college in New York to receive stern and punctilious education in modern witchcraft and sorcery.

Despite discovering all the things that he has ever imagined and craved, Quentin was still unsatisfied with his life as something was still missing in these adventures. Then one day, along with his friends, he made a heavenly discovery – Fillory was Real. But the adventure did not go as he was expecting and suddenly the wheels turned towards dark and danger, making the shocking truth a nightmare.

How to Stop Time – by Matt Haig

Rated among the bestsellers for fiction and fantasy – How to Stop Time is a story with mixed emotions, sweet and swore feelings, the uncertainty of life, hardship, and adversity to find yourself.

Matt Haig has evidently described the character – Tom Hazard, who is making a living with a dangerous secret within him. He may seem like a normal 41-year-old guy but has been alive for centuries and shifted his livelihood from one country to another – New York, Paris, South Seas.

After relocating with a different livelihood and living a different lifestyle, he then craves to live a normal life and thus gets settled in England with a perfect story to cover his background. He became a history teacher at London comprehensive and started teaching kids about historical events, wars, and witches. But yet there is one thing that Tom should always stay away from – is falling in love.

Howl’s Moving Castle – by Diana Wynne Jones

Sophie, the eldest of the three daughters falls miserably to seek her fate and ended up attracting the ire of the Witch of the Waste, where she was cursed by a spiteful witch and gets transformed into an old lady.

Her only chance to break the spell and get back to her real body lies in the Wizard Howl’s castle. In order to release herself from the enchantment, she must indulge with the heartless Howl, make a deal with the fire demon, and meet headfirst the witch of the waste.

With a puzzle that is more twisted and confusing than it appeared, it is now quite an adventure for Sophie to enter the castle and discover that there is far more to witness about herself and the Howl.

Truth Stone – by Mike Shelton

Truth Stone is based on the stone of power and truth that holds the potential to protect the five kingdoms of Wayland for over two hundred years. It is a powerful stone that makes one tell the truth that they have heard.

In order to curb the pain, Shaleen learned a truth that is so ferocious that it could spark a civil war among the continents. But as every story has a twist, so does the Truth Sone. The dangerous journey that Shaeleen took to save the stone from the dark power is amazing and what is more interesting is to witness her life that will no longer be the same as it was earlier.

The Mirror Empire – by Kameron Hurley 

Invaders from a different empire raze the whole city of Saiduan, leaving the city in ashes and soot. In these frozen kingdoms, the people of pacifistic Dhai were enslaved previously by the Saiduan, and with the approaching enemy on their door, they are now courted by the former master to provide aid. With the rising power of the dark star, an illegitimate ruler is assisting the country ministers to hold the battle and saving it from civil war. An epic tale of blood and covetous assassins, and emperors – how Dhai with his allies hold the unbeatable and compelling army to save their world is quite an extraordinary story to read.